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I remember the days I dreaded getting out of bed and facing the day. I remember skipping breakfast every day and thinking everything was cool. It was always coffee and off to work. Occasionally I would grab a donut in the break room and start my day, not thinking about food again until lunch.

After lunch I would always feel bogged down from the burger, fries and soda I typically had. I would get off work, head home to see the family and realize I was starving so it was always a mad dash to the pantry to grab a snack before dinner. I would eat dinner and try and resist the urge to pig out, but that rarely happened. After dinner it was time for TV and my “after dinner treat” which was usually ice cream.

After years of this same vicious cycle I realized I was getting more and more out of shape and I officially had a Dad Bod. I was embarrassed. I was disgraced. I was frustrated as hell with myself that I had all the fitness and nutrition knowledge in the world and I let myself go to shit.

I thought about the terrible example I was setting for my son. I thought about him running circles around me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to ditch the Dad Bod for good. I had all the tools at my disposal including a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness, nutrition, wellness, etc. After all I spent 6 years helping save lives in ICU as an RN. Combine that with being a health coach, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and it was time to turn my life around.

I wanted to create a program with busy Dads in mind. I wanted other dads to be able to eat all the things they love just like me. I wanted a program that would allow other Dads to achieve a fantastic physique and still be able to drink beer while watching football. The rest is history and that’s why I started Dad Bod Health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to change your life, book an appointment today and I will help you ditch the Dad Bod forever.

Jason Priest, Founder

“Energy. Confidence. Dedication. A healthy, fun lifestyle. All of these have been achieved during the Dad Bod Transformation. It’s a flexible schedule for the busy Dad. Jason encourages and pushes me every step of the way. In 8 weeks, I have lost 18 pounds and gained muscle.”

Benji, Elite Transformation

“You are starting to annoy me. I want to relax and be lazy and there you are, everyday reminding me to get off my ass and get in the gym. Ugh fine, here I go again, starting my day with a workout. More energy, feeling better and more confident every day, such a bother.”


“Did the last workout for the week. Lost 14 pounds dude. Thanks for your help. Great start to a new routine!”

Rob, 28 Day Fat Destruction Program

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Whether you need a ditch the Dad Bod workout plan, a ditch the Dad Bod meal plan, a one-month Fat Destruction program, or my fully customized body transformation program I have something for everyone!

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