Taking Action and Making Yourself a Priority

Gentleman.... I realize taking care of your only body can be challenging. But life in general is challenging. Which is why taking action and making yourself a priority is so important. I used to battle the same struggles with my weight and found it extremely difficult...

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EP 21 – Accountability, Sugar, Go-To’s

In this episode, Jason talks about the power of holding yourself accountable, eliminating sugar, and implement go-to meals for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.  Jason talks about the importance of taking...

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5 Exercises All Men Can and Should Be Doing

Often times when men are thinking about getting active it can be overwhelming. I remember when I was 60 pounds overweight and had no idea where to start. I hated the thought of intense exercise because I just wasn't ready for it. In my mind I needed a way to ease...

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Redefine your dad bod for good

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