EP 50 – Man Up, Nutrition Structure, and Alcohol Strategy

In this episode, Jason talks about the Man Up Community, his nutritional structure, and alcohol strategies to balance alcohol intake alongside a healthy lifestyle.  Jason adds more value to his episodes and encourages people to live the healthiest life possible as he...

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EP 48 – Stagnation and Self-Awareness with T.J. Kosen

In this episode, Jason interviews real estate pro, T.J. Kosen. They talk about overcoming adversity, stagnation, self-awareness, and striving to accomplish your goals.  T.J. shares with us his life-changing experiences that led him to strive for bigger goals and a...

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EP 47 – 4 Core Pillars of Health: Nutrition

  In this episode, Jason Priest talks about the third core pillar of health - nutrition! This is the third episode of the four core pillars of health. The 4 pillars of health include: sleep, stress management,...

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