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“Energy. Confidence. Dedication. A healthy, fun lifestyle. All of these have been achieved during the Dad Bod Transformation. It’s a flexible schedule for the busy Dad. Jason encourages and pushes me every step of the way. In 8 weeks, I have lost 18 pounds and gained muscle.”

Benji, Elite Transformation

“You are starting to annoy me. I want to relax and be lazy and there you are, everyday reminding me to get off my ass and get in the gym. Ugh fine, here I go again, starting my day with a workout. More energy, feeling better and more confident every day, such a bother.”


“Did the last workout for the week. Lost 14 pounds dude. Thanks for your help. Great start to a new routine!”

Rob, 28 Day Fat Destruction Program

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Whether you need a ditch the Dad Bod workout plan, a ditch the Dad Bod meal plan, a one-month Fat Destruction program, or my fully customized body transformation program I have something for everyone!

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